Starting Fresh

   I shared a version of this post on my lifestyle blog, La Petite Farmhouse!  I wanted to kick off this blog by sharing a little bit of my journey. I started blogging back in 2007 on La Petite Fashionista. I originally started out as a creative outlet. My blog was somewhere to share weekly outfit photos and refine my personal style.  When I first started, the blogging "industry" was like the wild, wild West. Most of us were self-coding our websites, playing around in websites like Microsoft Paint to create graphics (yes, really!), and there was no sense of community because social media websites like Facebook and Instagram hadn't been popularized yet.

  Throughout my time as a blogger, the concept of influencer marketing evolved. When I got my first email from a brand wanted to partner with me on a collaboration I was shocked. At the time, I literally hadn't told anyone other than close friends and family about my website. I hadn't been looking at statistics, and had no idea there were actually people reading my content! Those early years were a confusing time. It was so exciting to get a free product, that I had no idea that others were charging for their content creation! 

   My interest in marketing continued to grow as my blog did too. I learned the true value of being an influencer and all of the work that went into creating great content.  I pored over the analytics page of my website, launched social media channels on all of the platforms, and spent time cultivating a relationship with my audience. I would get a lot of questions from fellow bloggers and businesses about how to get started blogging or create a brand online! A few years ago, I made the leap to launch a social media and branding consulting business as my full time entrepreneurial venture. It's been so rewarding to see the people I've worked with grow and flourish in their businesses. So many have seen the value of telling their unique story and finding their identity. 

   The exciting part of being in the blogging and digital marketing industry for so long, is that it's allowed me to really define and hone my view of social media. I've realized that there is so much more to social media than conversion and driving sales. Its true benefit is the ability to build relationships with your audience, to create content that deeply resonates with them, and to have a brand personality. 

    Last year I made the difficult decision to stop blogging at La Petite Fashionista last year after spending ten years writing and creating content there. I'd also grown our Instagram account to nearly 10,000 followers. Truthfully though, that didn't matter! I was so grateful for the opportunity I'd had, but excited to continue the journey during this new season of life.  Thankfully, it was just the close of one chapter and the start of another! I've continued blogging at La Petite Farmhouse, where my husband, Kyle, and I are sharing the journey to simpler living and modern farmhouse build.

    I also decided to rebrand my social media business to Moon Ridge Media. Moon Ridge, is the name of Kyle's family farm, where we'll soon be living too! It's about making time for what matters, and striving to focus on the little things . Whether we're taking a walk in the woods, making a pizza with vegetables from the garden, or sitting over a campfire talking; when we're out of the farm it's easy to see what is most important life. I wanted to bring that same mindful approach to business. I realized it was my purpose in life to help other go-getters apply that same mentality to the way they use social media for their business. I'm excited that you're coming along for this adventure!


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