Are you looking to take your lifestyle business to the next level? Let a veteran blogger of 9 years help you design a social media strategy that's uniquely you. She'll create a strategy to help you convert an engaged audience into customers and brand ambassadors.

What a strategy session includes:

  • Full Analysis of Social Media Channels

    • You'll receive a full audit of  your current social media activities in including examples of best practices and what yields your highest engagement.  This will help you create content that resonates with your audience and build an engaged following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

  • Social Media Strategy Development

    • We'll create a detailed visual strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram tailored specifically to your brand.

    • A competitive analysis of the leaders in your niche

  • Social Media Training Packet

    • I'll teach you the best practices & tips for optimizing, scheduling and analyzing your social media performance on each channel.

  • Conference Call

    • I'll walk you through the strategy and answer any questions you have or give feedback! Consider this a virtual coffee date! I'm here as a resource for you to feel confident in your social media presence. 

    • 90 Min Conference Call

  • Influencer Outreach Tutorial

    • A tutorial in creating relationships & gaining exposure with social media influencers.

  • A Year of Social Media Mentorship

    • If you have any questions or need feedback, just shoot me an email! I'll be a resource for your social media questions 

A follow up email will be sent with questions for you and to schedule our conference call! Feel free to reach out to me by email: with any questions.